Dear diary, still remember what I said about this month. Yup, colorful month! Although I got trouble in this month because of PLN (Electric company) in Tanjungpinang Town. Because almost every day the electric off in my area. The off electric most more than 6 hours EVERY DAY.

That is making me sick and trouble because I can't do anything if the ELECTRIC OFF. I guess this government never get solution about this case, Everyday is worse since I moved in this town. Actually this problem already long time ago but I don't believe it in this 2015 years the problems never ending.

Dear diary, I get good news when I read my email in afternoon time, around 03.00 pm. I opened the email then I read one of email from FCC. When I read it, I don't believe it. I get free holiday to green cayon with 10 participate for the contest blog fashion crown competition. I made the article and post it in Dunia wanita masa kini (women world) my other blog and I get opportunity to holiday with 9 bloggers who also get change to go there. When still unknown but I guess as soon as possible. I am so happy and excited. Finally I can holiday again.

Dear diary don't say I am crazy have a lot of blog, first blog ha-wanita, then diary-citra to separated my opinion and my file when I was journalist. Suddenly I made My adventure blog special for my adventure or my journal holiday or help promotion about tourism in Indonesia and some places I ever visit it. I know this blog just update once time in a week. I wish will more time to up date. Now, I make blog about cerita anak (kid story) at anak-membaca It will started on November I hope so. I just wanna be creative. I know in diary-citra also has kid story but I just want to help kids to more like to read with one of my blog so I just not concentrate for women world but also kids world. I hope I can do the best to all my blog.

Don't ask about anything blog because I just have this blog active. Dear diary, I wish the new month will get new magic again. Because I know I am good person and will get good news too.

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