#Fairy tale : Kids story on weekend

Duckland family is new member at Rimbun Village, Ducland is happy when he attend the Rimbun Village Festival. He saw Elfina dance, the fat elephent who dance with the beautiful style. He can’t wait to go to school and become friend with Elfina. Move in new village is not easy for Duckland because he does not have friend yet. He likes the new village he stay with his family at Rimbun Village if he compare when he lived at city.

Duckland can’t wait to go to school tomorrow and have new friends. He really wants to be Elfina friends and he already heard story about Elfina, especially how she can dance ballet. Finally, morning time is coming, Duckland mum surprise when she looks Duckland already wake up and tidy to go to school before his mum wake him up in this day.

“Do you feel happy today, son?” ask Duckland mum.

“Yes, mummy. I can’t wait to have new friend.”

“Let’s eating you breakfast first. Mum already make your favorite food,” tell mum and hold Duckland hand to dining room.

In the dining room, dad already wait them to eat breakfast together. Duckland eat his breakfast faster. Daddy already reminds him many times to eat his breakfast slowly. Because he does not hear his father, Duckland got choke. The reason Duckland eat faster because he won’t get late in the first time at school.

He is forgots, he does not live at city again and now he lives in village. Village is not crowd and never get traffict like in the city. Duckland father get works at Rimbun Village as a doctor. Duckland walks and he is feeling happy. He saw a garden town from the outside, he wants see in the inside but he won’t get late to go to school. Duckland think he will see the garden when the school over.

Duckland is the first student who arrrive at school. Then, a few friends come too. The Duckland heart is faster when he looks Elfina at school. Suddenly, Duckland become shy to introduce himself to Elfina. Duckland thinks it is impossible ballerina wants to be his friend. Actually, Duckland is wrong. Elfina say hello first to Duckland. Duckland feels so happy and they become friends.

“Elfina, do you know about the garden town?” ask Duckland when the study break.

“Yes, I know. There is has a pool. Do you want to see it when the school over.”

Ducklad nod, “Do you want to company me?” ask Duckland hesitate.

“Absolutly, why not,” answer Elfina.

They visit the garden in middle town after school over. Duckland feels so happy because the garden is so beautiful but Duckland disappointed because the pool in the garden is very dirty. “Pity, the pool in the garden is very dirty,” said Duckland.

Elfina agrees with Duckland, “How in this weekend, we clean the pool?” said Elfina to Duckland. Duckland agree with the briliant idea from Elfina to clean the pool.

“Do you really want to do that?” ask Duckland does not believe what he heard about it.

“Long time the people seldom visit this garden. That is why this garden is not clean. I will ask some friends maybe they also want to help us to clean this garden too.”

Swanly is not agree with Elfina idea, because Swanly, The white swan does not like getting dirty. The most reason because the pool already long time never get clean so that is mean very dirty. “Ufh, I don’t want to help you to clean that pool.”  Frogy is different. He is agrees to help them to clean the pool. Frogy also feel happy to do that with his friends.

Weekend is coming now, Frogy, Elfina, Duckland meet in the garden in the middle of town. They already prepare the tool to clean the pool. What is the tool they bring?

That is true, they bring brush, bucket, gloves, rubber shoes, soap and hoses. They are happy when cleaning the pool, the dirty water in the pool they use to watering the plants (the flowers and trees) Then they brush every single part inside the dry pool. They are laughing, singing when they brush the inside the pool. Swanly looks her friends and she is jealous and she wants to joint with her friends to clean the pool. They are welcome when Swanly tell about it. In fact, she also invites some friends to participate. Because do together, it quickly done. Even Elfina, the chubby elephant is also very great. She can take as much water to be poured into the pool. Wow, they work together on their weekend. What did you do on your weekend with your friends?

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