Some people has good talent and multi talent to do anything desire they want and need. Some people need work hard to make it and try hard to practice. That is me. The group people who need work hard to make dream come true. Actually I am not good in the draw but I want to make my own draw so I need practice it every day and the result is not good.

Do I give up? Absolutely NO!! I never give up, although every day I try the drawing is worse but I wish someday it will be good. I just need time to make it and try find my own character. In this time I just need practice from the character people who already make it. At least, try first. 

Never give up to do small thing will make you feel, you deserve to do what you want do it in your time. Why? No desire in life, its mean you are robot. No feeling, no dream make life stuck in the routine life. I am not smart either but I always try to kill the time when I have my own time. I just need schedule to make it right.

Work, help mum, read bible, draw and writing too. That is my routine activity. Although I seldom read the Bible but I wish someday I can reading it more and more. Because life without soul is bored. Why I said about that, can you imagine your life stuck, empty, feel unlucky, depress, stressful. That is no soul in your life. If we have soul, the big problems will never make us feel empty because we believe something behind the problems always have solve to all the problems.

Life is so short and what do you do in your life? Do you have your own time? Whatever your position, your level, your education. Every body need dream, passion to make your life more colorful. Like this month. I told you October is colorful month and this month will be over. Don't you get the meaning I said about it? A few days will be November and that is mean November will be a Magic month for every one. Believe it, believe what in your heart and mind if it good, do it and don't ever ever give up. Keep alive and happy, because time so fast.  

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