Dear diary, long time I never write something here, I just put schedule to do post something as the time I command lol. I am busy doing practice drawing and now I am feeling sleepy. So excited has new hobby and I love it so badly. I miss someday I will find the way my own character cartoon but today I just keep doing practice and research about anything how to draw hehehe.

Dear diary, a week I do spend a lot of paper almost a dozen paper, but still not perfect yet. My best friend told me, doing practice every day and I will be good drawer. I hope my friend is right. Because draw is not my talent. 

Since a few days Tanjungpinang got worse weather because the fog from Pekanbaru still worse. Many people complain about this condition. My mom always get trouble in her condition because this situation. Almost every year the case about some people do "crime" why I say crime because burn forest is not good act and a few of them burn it when the condition summer and no rain, making many trees get easy to burn and now the fog every where and still no idea how the fog can go soon.

Okey, almost a week I always sleep over night and wake up late and I know it is not good for health and I also try to read Bible again to find something "lost" in my soul lol. Happy weekend my dear friend.

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