Dear diary, time is faster. I just feel like sleep on November Rain and wake up in December rain today. Almost all day is raining and I feel so damn blessing about this. Time is really fast right! We never know what will happened in the future. We just hope everything will amazing and miracle.

That is why I called this December on 2016 is Miracle month and I hope this miracle start this day and full of days on December 2016. It is ok, because miracle is not always about me, but for the people too who need miracle as I do. I am waiting one of miracle will come to me. I hope that! Soon I will get information about something my document will be finish soon. So I can go somewhere to find my new destiny

December is Miracle
Miracle come to me and you
Everybody need miracle
That is life about miracle
But everybody has different option
This is alive who should take it and hope
Because life without hope is nothing


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