Dear diary, I can’t sleep! I know, sleep well at night is very good for health and mind. But my mind is flying anywhere. I know every year always like this before the year is change. I am still wonder about anything in the future, at least on 2017.

I am still missing something but I don’t know what is that. I am so lucky and unlucky either but life is fair right! Like I always said to myself, you can’t get what you expected in real life. Because life is harder but  you should stronger to break the rock that make your way difficult.

I do believe it! Whats inside your mind will make the rule in your life. So, if you think negative or feel deep blue inside of mind. Then you never ever success in the future. Believe it! Because I did feel it in hole this year. I am so glad, finally this year will end and new life and new adventure will come to my life, I am right and always right about this one hahahaha.

So, how about you? Bring your life happiness if you want happy in your hole life. Never expected what you think but do as the best as you can do. At least, I do mess anything on this year but I do fix it one by one. Because everything happened in our life always bring lesson to the future.

Do not worry if you make mistake, like I do. Don’t get it wrong! Because mistake way will make you wise in the future. Because you are not dull either stupid to get a few times fail in the same cases. Like old people said, a pig never fall in the same hole! So, we are human so we are more than smart then pink animal in this world. Hahaha....

Dear diary, is ok being sad and deep blue feeling right! But, don’t take it long! Just move on and get fresh mind and feel happy as the way we are. Because I, You and Them so different to our destiny in our life. But the most I believe is more people in the world, whatever our skin, black, brown, yellow, red or white every body want to be happy and make the best resolution in alive.

Happy waiting end year on 2016

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  1. Tetap semangat Mbak Cit. Tahun depan harus dengan resolusi yg lebih mencengangkan :)