When I was teen, if people ask who is my idola? Then I will answer The Moffatts, the group band which contain the big brother and twins, but right now, when people ask who is my idola then I will answer my mam. Because many reasons I am making mum as my idola.

#She belives in God
Everybody believes in God, but sometimes when the problems come to the people and it make the faith is getting low. But Mum so damn different, she believes in God with many ways. Even when she has not money, she still believe God will solve her problems away. Can you believe it? I don’t believe it either. Because i am just a human and when I don’t find the way to solve my problems, I feel hopeless and give up, sometimes. Then I realize when I am thinking mum. God always has solution to all of our problems in the world. Because God is bigger then world.

#She is already old but young spirit
My mum ages already 65+ but she is still strong, health and never give up. She never stop to work as sometimes she still massages people, speciall for lady only, baking cakes, if her customer order cakes. Sometimes, I am jelaous with her spirit never give up and always work hard to make her keep young. I am so proud to having mum like her.

#She is my enemy and my best friend
Big family is mean a lot of problems indeed. That is our family, Pandiangan version –lol- mum is my enemy, why I said like that, because we always fight sometimes, agruee with many topics and she also best friend who want to listening to me and understand me but never support me for being lazy hahahaha. I don’t like busy in the kitchen, she always loves to “take job” to cook for church sermon and that will make me busy in the kitchen and sometimes of course I love to run away from being busy to help her in the kitchen lol. Thats need a lot of time and energy to spend in the kitchen. Common i have a lot of to do, except busy at kitchen is not on my list.

#She is multi talent
Not all women had multi talent inside them, because it need work hard to be multi talent and have a lot of practice, mum is good chef, good massage, good gardener, good talk, and never stop to talk while she has good mood to talk any subject. She loves to care “people” with good heart and never pretended to do that, like some people just do it for get appreciate. Mum really the best woman in the world.

Many things reason to make mum being my idol and I know, i realize i can’t be like her. But i really want to be like her someday not today. Because today, she also still busy in the kitchen to make fried noodles for sermon at church tonight. How many pieces? 100 box noodles, she need to make it and it is mean, I will also busy to pack it, and give her hands to finish it in time. Poor me, even i don’t like it, being grumpy because she is so kind woman but of course inside my heart i am so proud with her, even she never get benefit to do that, most I should give her extra money to make that food. But her mind set, that is for God and God will completed everything she needs it. So pure and cute mum right?


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