I can’t blame you come today June, you come as the way you are. Because you should change the May Job in this time. I don’t know what will you give me in 30 days next. But i just wish be nice, ok. Because my energy almost finish on May which May full of energy and what should I call you in June? Emmm how about June is peace month. Because this month also the religious of Moslem people will be fasting. So the new name of June will be Peace Month.

I wish as peace month, you will give me peace in day and heart, mind and soul hehehe. Okey, Hi June of Peace month, welcome and I am so excited to waiting what happend in the next day of June. It will more fantastic for my self. So what has already happened on May? Should I told you about the full of Energy on May’16?

I got good news, my article will be publish on Femina Magazine, and the May also sent me good news about one of my short story about kid story will make comic on one of national publisher. So here i am on June now, I will make more fantastic story to get good result also in this month. I hope the peace of June will come to me with nice news either.

So, keep in touch on June story on Diary Citra blog, this is not just about me, but also about you and them, i wish also will get more project ghost writer either in this June. Don’t be hesitate to give me job review and email me on citrapandiangan@gmail.com.....

Thank you May and Welcome June


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