Dear diary, long time I never write you, right. I am just little bit busy with something about such as many ideas about writing kids stories and also novel. Plus, damn it, ups, time so fast. If I am blog walking or searching something or reading nice articles, comment about good point. Then, I realize time almost mid night. Time really so fast, if I can make it slow, maybe I can finish all my stuff thing be better.

Dear diary, today is the last day on May. So that is mean May will over and what I got since a month gone? Many things is important right? I do make nice concept about my own domain soon, wish it will be better and I will get more “freelance job” then being ghost writer hehehehe.....

Dear diary, I never lie with you, am I? I really miss pa, almost end of June, the correct time around 27 June, Papa pass away and if soon June, that is mean a year already papa already pass away. Why, time so damn faster and I am afraid if I can’t get poin about my life in the future.

Dear diary, I am so bored, if people ask the same question, that is so damn suck!! When people asked when you will marry? So what is wrong if I am still “single” no marry yet? Do I make them trouble about my status? When the right time come then it will be. I hope so, am I right my best friend, dear diary who never ask me and just take what I written anything.

Dear diary, I love the way myself, sometimes xixixixi. Ah, Finally I can get publish my story in woman magazine about rubic “gado-gado” after  2 months sent it to the email of woman magazine national in Indonesia. I am so feel lucky for a while, even one story got reject but one get publish asap. So, feel damn happy right.

Ok dear diary, i shoul turn of my yellow cute one and I will continue tomorrow. Many plans in my head and i wish it can be finish in the right time.


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