Making story for kids more difficult then making adult story. Because the many "rules" to make story for kids plus I can't draw cartoon. I always try to learn drawing but I am not talent to be drawer but I really want to make my own story with the cartoon inside. I wish one day it will be come true.

Learning how to write story for kids really need work hard and fresh ideas because  already many good and famous writer for kids. The most I wonder why the old stories which it make for long, long time ago always good and we still remember well the story and background. I wish I also can make story which kids will remember till they are old.

Learning never end, catch dream never finish. Because it is life always have new learning and new desire to make us keep alive and spirit. Every body has dream and every body has different dream. No one can tell you, you should not dream like this, like that! Because you are the only person who know what is your dream and desire, what do you want to your life. None of them will be understand you as well you, but having people who support you always nice and welcome.

I am so happy have someone special and friends who always support my dream and never make bad words about it. I also will do the same with my friends and my special friends too. I always pray for the success project my friend who want to make game. I wish my friend can make game and get sell it to the future dream. Support each other always nice and happy because every body need someone who understand and support in good way. Do you have someone who support your dream?

Back to topic learning how to write story for kids actually simple way like many people advice, you should practice and practice, look around you and reading. Because without reading you never know what is the good story you should make for the future. Sometimes idea come while you read book and watch tv or doing something. Don't you believe it? Because I do believe it. Happy day and God bless us

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