#kids story : Don't give up to rise your dream with work hard and spirit.

Elfina want to be like her friends who can dance, especially ballet. Elfina know she can’t be ballerina like her friends. Because Elfina body is very big so it is impossible to be ballerina dancer. Her friends body are small and slim, Elfina is feeling sad because she can’t be like her friends.

Every night before sleeping, Elfina always think about her body, why she has big and heavy body. Why she can’t be like her friends had slim and tiny body. She has a best friend, Mo-Mo the mouse who energetic and always get the prima donna in the ballet event. Elfina feel sad and not confidence.

One night, when she is sleeping, she got dream. In her dream she wears the beautiful tutu ballerina dress with the pink color and also wears the ballerina shoes with the same color. Although  in her head she used the beautiful pink bow. She looks pretty in the ballerina dress. She wakes up from her sleep because mum wake her up to prepare go to school. Elfina is dreaming about her dream and think so much, how she wants to be professional ballerina and wear the beautiful custom ballet.

When in school, she told her dream with her friends. Some her friends mock her dream. How come the elephent can be profesional ballet dancer. Stand up in the two feet for elephent so difficult, above all dancer. It is impossible, that is her friends said about her dream. Mo-Mo is different then her friends. Mo-Mo supports Elfina to be ballet dancer. “You can be ballerina if you want to learn to make your dream come true,” said Mo-Mo.

Elfina is going home and she tries to tell her parents about her desire to be ballerina and she wants to joint ballet course. Elfina parents support her daughter and her mum company her to register ballet class at the village. Rimbun Village is not much ballet classes and all rejected Elfina as their student in ballet class. The reason because the body Elfina is too big and it will take many places and the class room is so small. When hear about it, Elfina feels so sad and hopeless. She goes to the forest and cry alone in that place. She feels discrimination because she has big body.

In the forest, Elfina feels tired because to much crying then she falls asleep. She sleeps well in the forest, when she is waking up the time almost evening time. She looks beautiful view of sunset in the forest. She feels little better and keep spirit to catch her dream. She doesn’t care what people said about her and her dream.

When at home, she takes her money and she decided to buy some CD and book how to learn basic ballet for the begginer. In the forest, Elfina is training herself to be ballerina. She learns from the book, she bought it. The first time it is very difficult when she learns from the ballet book. Every time she tries to stand in her foot, she falls down many times and it is hurt. She try and try to get good position basic as ballerina stand up. Although she got hurt in her knee, she doesn’t give up to try and try again to perfect stand as ballerina from step by step book she learns.

Elfina try to learn the basic techniques of ballet. Elfina know it is very difficult with her big body, become ballerina is her dream. She has dream to wear ballerina custom that is making her spirit to make it come true. Day by day pass, become week by week, Elfina always keep practice alone and she always tries the basic technique ballet. Her fingers get hurt and become bigger but the hurt fingers never make her stop to practice. She always practices the basic ballet technique. She never tried to make her dream become real. Her practice every day is work well. Now, she can stand up with ballerina style. She continues in the next levels. Every day always do same things without tired feeling and body. Now, she can dance ballet as professional ballerina. Although she practices alone.

One day, without Elfina realizes, her parents follow her in the forest. They want to know what her daughter doing after school time finish. Elfina always is going home late. They are surprise when they see what their daughter doing in the forest. She is doing exercise ballet alone and they feel so proud with their daughter can dance ballet with the perfect style. Elfina mum wants to hold her daughter and said how they are proud with ambition Elfina, but Elfina papa is not allow her mum to disturb Elfina dancing. Then they go home.

When they is walking home, mum looks in the shop has beautiful ballerina dress. But she know the size is not fix in her daughter body. So she decided to go to fabric shop, buy some beautiful fabric to sew ballet dress for her daughter. Elfina mum does it in the night because she wants make surprise for her daughter. Elfina father also order the ballet shoes with the fix his daughter feet.

A few weeks later before festival Rimbun Village, Elfina parents register their daughter become participation in the festival. Then in the night, after dinner time, her parents give Elfina two box gifts. Elfina confused because that day is not her birthday but she is feeling happy when she opens the gift box, she found the beautiful ballet dress and the shoes. The ballet dress is like her dream with the beautiful pink bow.

Elfina is dancing in the festival although she got the last position on that event. She is feeling happy and does the best as she can do. In the middle of her performance in the sits are full, many people watch her performance dancing in the festival. When she finish dance, she got beautiful flower from her friends and also many people stand up and give her Applause as her performance.

Elfina feels so happy because her hard work get pay with the enthusiasm watcher when look her performance. They get surprise because they don’t believe the big body like Elfina can dance with the beautiful and professional style like professional ballerina.

Tanjungpinang, October7 2015, afternoon time writing story every month for kid story.

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Happy reading and learn about new thing from the story :) because read will make you open the new window and find good words behind the story you read and write. 

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