I still remember a few weeks ago I was busy to find novel with content self discovery. After read some books about novel which said self discovery novel. I realize, I did have novel about the self discovery novel, I gave my novel title "Simpul Terujung". One of my friend who give me the title about my novel.

Silly me, actually I am searching and searching information without realize the point about self discovery itself. From dictionary | yourdictionary,com  tell me about what is Self discovery. Self Discovery is the process of learning more about yourself and who you are. Another words about the meaning self discovery (self-dis·cov·er·ies) The act or process of achieving understanding or knowledge of oneself.

So novel about self discovery tell us about someone who lost "something" and the end someone find how to recovery him/herself. About my novel also same because in the end she can understand and find about her faith and mind. I wish I can make it soon in English version, but I realize my grammar still bad because it already long time ago I never used it after graduating from college. I wish it will be better and better. 

I still need learn perfect english first before continue learn my dutch language which I do it by myself and thanks to some of my friends who give me hard cover dictionary of Ducth and also e-book and mp3 book about how to learn dutch language. I will never make you down because already help me to do that. Back to topic about self discovery novel, the novel about all this topic always amazing and good. because we learns many thing from the book, how to believe something when we lost anything what we think it is the best for us. 

Self discovery book or novel, I love it the first of course my own book heheh, so selfish then Eat, Pray and Love (this book already make movie with the actress Julia) After that many books which I can't tell you all. But find ourselves while we get many problems and look or sound never end but when we find the solution indeed it already mean self discovery.

My future project will about someone who lost her father and then get many problems in her/him life and how he/she can survive and find the happiness indeed. Find idea to make project is never easy, the most when we write about the idea, always having many conflict and desire or problems how to finish it. This month, October, I always feel so colorful and try to believe it. Because just you can be survive in your own think. I wish God will bless us in every part of our activity pass and go. 

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