Sometimes You are desapear
I don't know are you OK or not?
Where are you? Don't hiding
I need You here beside me

Lets making our morning wonderful
When I open my eyes the first I want to see
Is You beside me although you can't do it
At least when I wake up I can see your massage

I always search my phone first
To see any message from you
When you sent me message in my night time
I will read when I do open eyes

That is good morning time for me
Although the sun is not coming out
For me that is the best morning time
Because I do read your message

Don't hiding for me because I need you
I need you to fill my days with smiling
I need you because You make my day shining
You are the one I need in my life

Don't hiding for me because I need You
I need your smile when I open my eyes
I need your hands to hold my hands
You are the one I need to beside me one day

Don't hiding for me because I need You
You also need me to fill your day
Don't be shy to say the truth feeling
Because I do say the honest word to you

Jakarta, January 12, 2015

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