Kawah Putih Trip | Feel so Peace in Kawah Putih

This is the first time I went to Kawah Putih Bandung. I stay in homestay near Stasiun Hall just need 20 minutes to walk to terminal Statiun Hall. That place I choose to make me easy to go any place because near terminal bus and also train station. I wake up early morning and start my trip around 7.30 WIB. First I should find the transportation to get me to Luewi Panjang Terminal.

So here I am, stand in the street and find the public transportation and I should pay around 8.000 IDR to get there. Need around 20 minutes to the driver turn me in the out of Luewi Panjang Terminal. The angkot (Public Transportation) just stop in out side of terminal and terminal in other side.  I should cross the street to get enter the terminal. In out side terminal I look the man which used uniform form the government, I ask the way to get the transporation which will bring me the Kawah Putih or Ciwidey. Then The officer gave me clue and find the transporation which will go first so I didn’t need to long time. 

I went to the inside terminal and many people of course there, the seller and also the kernet (people who offer you to used the transportation). I just try to find the transportation which go to Ciwidey. Yes, finally I find the white like old car, the transportation the condition was so bad but still safety to bring me there. In that transportation just had a couple people, so I should waiting till the transportation full. Yea, little annoying to waiting the transportation full because many “street” seller try to offer you stuff they sell (that is like tissue, water, fruits, etc), some of them will force you till you buy their stuff. I just say TIDAK (NO) to many people offer me. Ah sometimes also has singing beggar, you can give them small money around (500, 1000 till 2000) depend on you, if you don’t wanna give them money, just say No with the right hand with the fingers open in front you, like give hi five (without touch their hand of course) or just shake your head. 

Finally the transportation full after waiting 20 minutes and the elf is walking out to the terminal with full people and also many stuff. At least the elf walk away from the terminal (bus station). The weather is not so bad in that’s time. I feel so lucky. Need around 60 minutes to get the terminal Ciwidey. Depend on traffic jam if lucky just less an hour, if unlucky will need 1,5 hours. After 25 minutes journey, I can see in the right side the view of mountain. So amazing and ouh my God, when the ascent or the transportation is climbing I take my hand out from the window and I feel the weater more cold then down street. Wow that is so amazing. I can’t wait to get the Cewidey terminal. The weater then change to be unfriendly. The sky become black, that is mean will be rain late or soon. I feel so disappointed because this already long trip and if I can’t get the view of the Kawah Putih, that will mess my day. But whatever, I do ready to get “wet” I don’t care, that is my mind about the weather. I do far to this place from Jakarta, it should worth it to visit Kawah Putih.

As soon as the transportation arrives to the CiwideTerminal, so some people make around the angkot. They offer you ojek (motor bike rent with the riding man). The first I want to rejected because I want used public transportation for my book, the Situ Patenggang-Ciwidey angkot which this angkot stand by in terminal and I look still a few people inside this angkot. So I decided ask the ojek how much to get me to the Kawah Putih Gate. They offer me around 50.000 IDR, that is to much so I do negotiation and till get 30.000 IDR to driving me there. If used angkot I just need pay 10.000 IDR because the weather is not good and so dark, better for me used the fast transportation. The reason is I don’t need to waiting long time until transportation full, plus I don’t need “little waste the time” to waiting the pessangers up and down angkot. Because in this time the weather is so unfriendly, better for me used ojek. So I can get the place Kawah Putih.

I just need around 45 minutes by Ojek to Kawah Putih Gate. I look many strawberry gardens and that is so temptation for me to visit them. To picking strawberries and eat the fresh strawberry. But I am trying to rejected the imagination there and focus to Kawah Putih. Although I am still far away from the enterance Kawah Putih, raining is coming down. I got little wet because the raining but I am trying to hiding my bag which is cointain my electronic stuffs, I cant make them wet because it can be broke. Lucky me, the raining is not so heavy, just drizzle but that also many and many every minutes. The weather more cold and the riding motor bike more fast and yea the weather is killing me suddenly I feel so cold but I don’t care because I love it. 

Yea finally I look in the left side the big stute alphabet with the write “KAWAH PUTIH” is so clear. Finally I do arrive there. Motor bike bring me to enterance ticketing to get the Kawah Putih. I pay the ojek and go to the locket. Not many people in that time just one man and I should pay for ticketing and also ontang-anting. Then I should wait for around 15 minutes until the ontang-anting full pessanger who wanna go to up to see the Kawah Putih. The orange transportation already move slowly to the up. I looked around me many trees and I feel so calm and peace. Because my eyes feel so fresh. That’s why I understand why people who love green will find the green color so fresh. Green trees are so wonderful. I feel amazing when the transportation up. 

Then I look one again the writing KAWAH PUTIH and some people try to take their picture in this side. I just look of them and smiling, yes they are enjoying their holiday with friends. I continue my journey to find the real Kawah Putih not just the capital of that hahaha.

Now I do understand why the name of Kawah Putih because the crater and all the surrounding rocks and sands are all white. Overtime rain fills in the crater and now it look like a lake. Most of the time the color of the lake is green, sometimes a part of it becomes brownish. The hot spring make the water warm. The view is so damn amazing, but I do understand I can’t stay too long since the smell of sulphur is quite strong. But you can used the mask to keep you not breath and take the smell of sulphur to much.

The weather is not welcome because drizzle and then raining too. So I just spend time around 30 minutes stay there and look every angle the lake and white sands, plus some trees are get death. But that view is making all capture so wonderful. I love it. I feel so peace and I look many people selfie to take their picture much as they can, to keep the memories they already visit the Kawah Putih, including me. But I am not take much like them, I cant blame if they feel so excited to take the best pictures to their show off to friends. 

I should waiting again till ontang-anting full. But this ontang-anting many pessanger from Malaysia, they talked in English with Malay intonation. Raining so heavy this time, make me really wet but no so “WET”. Then the ontang-anting stop in the first time place I go to Kawah Putih enterance. I should walk to get the main street to waiting transportation. If you feel hungry, you can eat there because many foods they sell and also has souvenir like strawberry sweetener or fresh strawberry, plus many things stuff they sell. Depend on you which one do you like it. 

TIPS : Negotiation for the price what they offer at least can be turn 10-30 percents then the first price they offer you.

The weather is not nice, so I can’t continue to the Situ Patenggang. That is not worth it for me to go there with the heavy raining like this. So I decided to waiting transportation (angkot). I need an hour to waiting the transportation. Ah to go back to the Ciwidey Terminal, you should cross the street and waiting there. Until waiting transportation I bought the BBQ Corn so yummy. Finally the angkot pass, I stop the angkot and my journey will end to the South Bandung.

I used the L300 also, this time when I arrived the terminal, the angkot already full just need two people, me and other people. So this time I don’t get nice seat but better then nothing. When arrived to the Luewi Panjang, the old woman offer me to go with her because we same destinantion to ST Hall Bus terminal. She suggestion me to used bus kota (Mini Bus), the bus near the out of gate Luewi Panjang). Before up to the bus just make sure this bus to Pasar Baru. (Pasar Baru is near from the ST Hall Terminal). So here I was in the bus and I just need pay around 4000 IDR, more cheaper then used the angkot. The raining is never stop when I do in Bandung. Really bad time for me J but I feel so excited.

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