The office in Batam
2014 is best and worse year I ever had. But the most of that I feel so happy. I do pass this year with successful "life" because in 2015 I am still alive and survive. Stay in big city is not easy. I know it because I do try to find my way here. Life alone sometimes so lucky and sometimes so lonely. I realize it, when I am here. although many people around you, but you don't know them. event you can organize them, but it just because you meet them regular then you meet your real friend.


Around November 2013, I decided to try my lucky here in Jakarta, the first capital city in Indonesia. Because Jakarta many offer opportunity to my career then in the small islands. I am trying to make sure my parents to let me go to Jakarta. They won't let me go for a few weeks then suddenly they give me permission to try my luck here.

I still remember the first step I am in Jakarta from the air port, many people around me and walk fast as they can to get their suitcase baggage. I just walk normally water follow the street. I saw many people busy and also some voice to remind you anything from the speaker. Then I am waiting my suitcase around the people who already stand by near the trolly of the circle baggage. One by one the many style suitcase pass around them and some take it when that is their own. I am still waiting my turn.

Trikora Beach Bintan Island
Then I continue to look out of the gate out. One of officer air port look the code of my suitcase. correct one, so I can easy to go out. Smiling in my face when I see one of my friend already pick me up in the out of the gate. Maria, it is her name. I am so happy to meet her, after one half year we never meet. She decided to me missionaries  in Manado for a year. When finish, she got stuck in Jakarta and work here. Because this is my first step in Jakarta, she pick me up because she just finished the night shift in hospital, as the job as a nurse of course.

We hug each others and try to tell many things about how we so happy and excited to meet each other and now we try to find more lucky life in the big city, Jakarta. She asked me to used Damri Bus to bring us to Gambir Station. ah No No, she choose Rawamangun to bring us near to the location her boardinghouse. We stop near the Mall. I forget the mall then continue with the taxi to Matraman. I stay in here, Matraman one room shared two people, although the price we shared together. This the day I start my new life here.

I don't know what opportunities Jakarta will bring me, I just hope in the big city I can find my fortune and the lucky life to find better life, job and anything in that mind. Because I am still feel tired in the airplane in early morning, so I just take a rest for a while and talking about many things subject, about her new boy friend from Semarang man; about her experience become the missionaries; many subject about her and me.

Time is tick tock every time fast-faster then you can handle and imagine. Without realize I do a year survive in Jakarta and already 4 times change the jobs. The lucky life like what I hope sometimes is not like what I expected but the salary sometimes I get better and sometimes I got worse. But at least I can survive here in the big city.

People is Like Robot

Maria and I in pool Tanjungpinang
Do you know robot? Some machine just move without feeling. That is my opinion about the people in Jakarta. They walk so fast and never notice around them.   They always rush and rush, walk fast as they can with their speed and the energy they can used it. Sometimes a few people walk slow because already feeling tired. The eyes is like Panda, many black circle in their eyes. Feel sleepy and tired. That is the first time I see the real life in the big city and I wish I will not become this people.

Finally, I almost become them, wake up early morning around 4.00 AM and try to prepare a day in the office. Then walking to the bus stop, still not many people in the bus stop (halte, we called here). I am waiting the bus around 10 minutes sometimes more than 10 minutes. When bus stop to the T------N halte. Sometimes the bus so full passengers. Because am so slim I can get inside so easy but it is like sardine fishes in the can. I can't move or breath so easy; but I don't care is not because I love it. Because my mind just think whatever at least I can get to the office in time or on time, never late.

Now I know why the people is like robot, because they feel so sleepy and tired. So no desire about the people around them. Sometimes they become selfish too, I ever do like that. Because so tired and I can't handle it again. I don't give my seat to the old woman who stand little far from me. I pretended I didn't see and it feel guilty till this time hahaha. How I become so selfish like that and I don't give my seat to this old woman. because I also can't stand for long journey, sometimes in the full bus the journey need an hour to stand. Thats time I can't to be good people.

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