Dear diary, can I tell you little secret? Today I make bubur sumsum (porridge) which made by rice flour. But I don't realise the coconut cream already not smell good. Because I am still flue, so I can't smile it. So after cooked, I throw it all in trash. Then I make the new porridge but this time the porridge made by glutinous rice flour and I eaten it all afternoon and evening. I am not in my mood to eat something.

I should diet and I want it work and make my belly small and become "sexy" lady hahahaha. I should think about what I want to do. Dear diary, I am still waiting my sponsor response about an article and an idea about backpacker book, but my sponsor is not reply mine. I also sent the whatsapp but no response either. What happened? I want to finish it soon; I know it still need time, but I want. Please my sponsor when you read this, response my email.

Many concept in my mind but if it is not accept on the book, it will be nothing. Should I make it and waiting my sponsor response. Maybe my sponsor still busy with the work and forget about this project. I just wish it will be finish and get publisher and I will be thankful to Lord, because Lord who make me know my sponsor. That is blessing for my dream.

Dear diary, another side I feel sad but that is O.K if are you happy and  I am happy. I am not perfect and I am still find my way. Maybe it need longer then I imagine but that is all right, no matter I am trying, I always fail in the same hole. But for the future dream about become writer. This is should be my first dream. Because I am afraid to get other dream.

Dear diary, although I am broken heart but I am so happy when I got amazing news. My friend, Kartini finally pregnant and twin. The program baby is success to her faith. I am so happy for you my friend. You are the lucky one after three years try to get  a baby. Then you will get two. So amazing.

Dear diary, if you believe miracle then I will said I believe miracle and I feel it as long as my journey; although sometimes I fall down and depression but I always believe in miracle.

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