Find Shell, Throw without See It

Sometimes we don’t realize about what is mean true love. That is happened to Anne, but this time Anne is not the person who cut the communication. She just victim, because she believe someone who love her as the way she likes this one. Anne already tired with her life, never lucky to find love. Then suddenly she got an email for stranger. She just read it without any desire to reply. Because the email always keep coming, she just reply simple words but this email sound interested to keep reply and make communication.

She decided to give her number, chatting is one part to know each other. Although many million meters far from each other but Anne feels comfortable to talk with this guy. She shared about the dreams and desire on the futures. She thinks this guy is guardian angel who one day will make her free.

Regularly communication always good in that time, till one day, something happened. Suddenly Anne’s world is broken. She can’t do anything to fix it. Because she doesn’t know anything, she is stupid to fall in the same hole, but the pain is more pain then long time ago, tears become her loyal friend. Until this time, she can’t understand time so fast to broken her dream. Wonderful dream became nightmare in the night. Tears which never stop in the night make her world become dark suddenly.

“Do I make something mistake,” asked Anne suddenly with her friend.

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

Ah, Anne just breathe with severity. “He suddenly said I am not good for him.” She silent, “I think I already find someone who understand me and we will make our dream together, but I am completely wrong.”

“Do you ever meet him?” asked her friend.

“Not yet, but he is really different and I am feel free to talk anything but I am wrong. He doesn’t like me to say something bad, like I got diarrhea.”

Johan said “Then why you think his different?”

Anne just looks the sky which already dark because the rain will come soon or late, she just take her shoulder up. Sign she also doesn’t know her feeling. “How is become adult?”
Johan just laugh when he heard Anne’s question. “I am also still learning it day by day. Why you ask such question like that?”

“Because I am still immature. I don’t behave like woman in my age? Am I?”

“I don’t think so, that is depend on the person who look at you. You should become yourself.”


Arggghhh life so complicated, Anne doesn’t know what should do. Blank in her mind and heart. That is like light in the wonderful sky become darkness without notice sign will be rain. She is keep crying in the silent. The pains make her lost hope.

Another man always keep disturb her day. She is trying to ignore him but the words always make her to reply and ask him to go away from her. But this man doesn’t allow her become peace in her night and day. Suddenly she wrote, “You already throw shell without she it inside. Just go and you can’t take it back.”

Ah she thinks, some people find shell in the sea but without look the inside just the outside, they think that is not good pearl. Maybe in here a woman like childish but the inside you never know. You just look from other side. Love is like shell, you can’t judge it before see it from your eyes and feel. If you want to open shell to see the pearl that need work hard and beware because you won’t broke the inside the ugly shell to look the wonderful inside.

Maybe this time Anne is not lucky to find someone who understand her and take her as the way her. Although like that the pain so hurt her feeling so badly. Maybe I am not lucky but the man is more unlucky because he won’t see it and throw without see it first. Anne’s think it should be happy ending for her. Because she know everything will be fine.

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