Mmmmm what do you think about partnership? This word always we hear when we watch movie about "family", "couple".

partnership means togetherness,,100 per cent commitment to each other,,good or bad,,happy or sad. Even to get partnership mmm very expensive and also stressfull.

And some people think more strange. Hmmm a friend ask a difficult question about partnership, what will I do to make "a man" (husband, red) happy?

Honestly, I don't have the answer! What should woman do to make man happy? Do you know? What's your opinion about this?

Then my mind fly away, when I was young. MmMmmm if I'm marriage I want to shared anything as like house job if can't pay the maid. Have small house but comfortable, plus small swimming pool, so when at night we can relax until watched the moon and starts. Ah just sound like fiction.

Talking about fiction, my imagination isn't working and make me can't write anything! For the writers if you can't write you are not writers. Some friends already make many books and national publisher and me! Still trying, do I must give up! I need adventure to make me imagination. Stay home, work as freelance make me like life in box can't move anywhere.

The other side it because I always get opportunity works but saturday must work! I can't do that! I really want work and also have business, even this time I'm still not settle the products because I don't have idea and waiting the small opportunity and I wish it can be process soon.

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