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One day, in a house hut which is always smell with spice cakes and celebrations ahead of the winter. Usually gingerbread become a tradition, that has always served in every home. But there is only one house in the middle of the forest which famous with magical powers in the hut.

Once time, the old woman make gingerbread. Freshly baked gingerbread was removed from the oven. The cake was exposed to the powder turned into a star and he's alive. Surely gingerbread was happy. Because He had opportunity to enjoy life.

Gingerbread is not   the first object or food ever exposed to the powder magic star and become alive. By the time he could move his hands and legs, he felt "alive" . He also met with some friends, but with a different shape.

They live in harmony in the hut old woman in the middle of the forest. Gingerbread always see a fairy that flew out of the window the old shack . Suddenly he wanted to feel how to be an angel and can fly.

He has always dreamed and hoped to have wings to fly. Then, at some point. He saw a fairy asleep. Then, he secretly tried to release the fairy wings. He thought he wanted to borrow a moment and feel how to be an angel and can fly.

He also tried to fly with wings of white -owned fairy who had fallen asleep. He flap - flapping white wings behind his back. Magically, the wings were moving and he was trying to fly. Because Ginger color is brown, he became the center of attention every creature in the forest.

This story will about Gingerbread adventure. Read every  the end of each month only at Diary Citra Blog. Find the Ginger adventure and get fun together if you want to join. Happy reading kids.

Cheers said Ginger say Hi to you

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