Dear diary, this is the second day on June. I don’t want time so fast in this month. If I can, I want make skip a few days before end June. Do you still remember right, last year about the end of June? Ah, diary, you are not good friend ever :p because you don’t remember that, including me. Because I already make magic words so I forget that moment.

The moment which I really feel so damn blue. The moment I really wanted it never been happend in my life. Yup, last year, before June over, Papa passed away. I felt so bad and I feel empty inside my heart. Because, papa passed away so fast. The last day when papa called, I feel unexcited to pick him phone. Because, that was sabbath day and I know, he called me to remind me go to church.

Ah, I hope I can turn the time back in that moment. I still miss to hear papa joke, advice and never stop to give me support. Ah, papa, I really miss you so badly. Dear diary, I know papa already peace. That why, this month I also still try to give my heart peace either. Because loss papa was heavy life in my life. I know, you can’t imagine how to be sadness in real life. But, when I am writing you, my diary, I feel little better.

I still remember papa was happy when attend to my sister wedding and some his families come to sister party. Even, sometimes in his eyes, he looked so tired. Because papa can’t feel so tired, he should bed rest and can’t do anything who make him tired, including sit to long. Poor papa. But, I felt so lucky either, at least a week before backing in Jakarta. I was company papa in hospital. Even i felt so tired but at least, that was the good moment for me as his child to help him when he need me.

Dear diary, just my spell magic words, always remember good moments and don’t remember sadness moment with him. But in hole my life, I just once time get trouble with papa. That was when I was still little younger and very naughty if mama asked me to eat. I did not like to eat, that was the reason my body so tinny hehehe, so when papa off from his work. He was getting mad and ask me to eat and he wait me till I finish all my dinner and the rule, I should watch the soccer. That was the reason either, I also like soccer this time, maybe because papa punished me to watch it.

Dear diary, one of my proposal was not success in this June. Feel so excited to change it getting better. I am the best one lol. The stories about fairy tale in the kingdom. Do you want to know? That still secret and I am love to writing fairy tale world because I have magic words to make the kingdom real in my imagination –read: my mind- so, I just give the new story for you about the Ginger Adventure, this is free, so people can read it.

Ah dear diary, we can’t give all what people want hehehe. If i am writing in english, then some people complain about it, either in Indonesia too. So silly, maybe some readers love to read what I write in you my diary. Okey, today on June my target are

  •  Editing the rejected story, because it already 15 stories about princess and kingdom with good moral indeed for children. The editor said the idea already good, just need put some dialog on the stories. Okey, lady, I will make all over the 15 stories about it.
  • want join contest teen novel, about dating. I do have concept and already 4 pages and still need 66 pages again and target should finish before end June. Because the Dateline around 29 June. 
  •  Still keep blogging and making wedding topic to another blog for 29 days on June. 
  •  Being contest blog if I can find nice and cute topic as Elex, I did joint it.
  • Will lunching cute blog as...... .com still secret the name of self domain, no worry dunia wanita (women world), diary citra, citra pandiangan blog will still update as usually.
  • Still try to get review jobs in this month, which this month will be better then May lol.
  •  Trying to keep sell ice cream and some dessert for fasting month, maybe will get good opportunity to promotion my home made product.
  • Still try to find peace in my mind and,
  •  NEVER GIVE UP as usually


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  1. Tentang papa yang udah damai... terharu bacanya, juga target nulis mbak Citra. Good luck Mbak :)

    Eh itu foto Mbak Citra cantik banget :)

  2. terimakasih mbak....

    ya mbak, tentang papa, nggak nyangka bakalan setahun papa ninggalin kami semua heheh