I am just an human with a lot of problems
But I always has solutions in everything
 I has magic words to make it better
The words which always works

I can say everything will be better
Because I believe a magic in my life
Magic you never get lose in your way
The words which make you stronger...

Magic words in my life which make me good
The words which has wonderful power in mind
Believe it in magic words and it works in life
Never give up and pray to God are my magic words

That is making me feel stronger in my weakness
Words which make me feel hope when I feel nothing
Magic words which make me feel life so precious
I believe it and I do it as the way I am in my life
I know that is not easy to do in hard time
But it always works when I don’t have hope
Because God is the power of problems in world
I do believe it and I pray for the positive mind

Then I find the magic words which help my life
Pray is making me close to the God and it good
Finally I always find the way to out this cases
While I believe it and I feel happy as the way I am

NOTE: Whatever problems come to you, You have magic words too, all is depend on you, what do you think, what will you do and what make you strong. Nobody in this world never get trouble in their life, maybe they had been hard problems then yours, but when you saw them about how they can survive then you feel jealous. Don't be because you also can do like them if you think you can do and believe in magic words, PRAY, DO and NEVER GIVE UP

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  1. key word nya pray ya Mbak :) apik :)

  2. yoi mbak, kadang2 kita berdoa hanya sekedar kewajiban bukan lagi kebutuhan. Ini yang harus diubah pola pandang hihihi.... selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa dan tetap keep writing mbak