Today i am trying draw my friends pictures and i wish it will be nice to see it. Mmmm just need practice to make it more good. I just wanna do something different. Make doodles for my own story one day.

A few days ago i did make kids story with my own illustrations. The story about the little girl who love rain season so she can goes out to play and see the view.

When my friends read it.... they said good things and thank you for support me and i wish will be better one day especially the illustrations.

I know this is still not perfect yet. But I hear some people said in instragram when I comment there art, they said always practice and practice. So here I am and try to practice every day and get the wonderful result one day. Although my heart get hurt but life is must go on. I just wish my sun shine will rise in same place and zone with me forever.

By the way what do you think about my doodles for my friends picture? This is just a few friends and one of my special friend for my future dream. I wish it will be real soon. Are they cute, hey.... some of them already marry and also has kids, so don't cheat yea hahahahha. Most of them married friends, no Single friends no more, so just look at them without thinking something ok.

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