The way to be happy person become yourself
Be yourself is never easy to do in this world
Let’s find spirit to be happy person in the world
Find something losing in alive to find the happiness

My happiness when I can see you happy
You are my sunshine and the only sunshine
I never fall down when I can see your smile
My morning always perfect if you beside me

Let’s find spirit in alive because it important
Find someone who love you as the way yourself
Someone who understand you and support you
In many ways you are in up and down life

I am so happy I do find my spirit
Because it always make my day is colorful
I never say it easy to do when I decided you are my spirit
Because life is unique with all problems and solve problems

I just know two become one is better then one
Love always has many ways to make world magic
Amazing life when you already find your spirit

Lets find your spirit and become happy person in many ways

Bintan Island, October 9 2015

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