I don't have any talent about drawing, but I am so happy still can live in this time. So, simple thing I can search on google how to draw something and learning it. I can't say it easy but its worth it to learn something new. No talent but has passion to do new things whatever my ages now, I am so happy to do that.

If I remember the childhood when the teacher always ask me to draw in the art class, I always did it with bad mark because I didn't have talent about it and long time ago, still not easy to access internet like this time. So, I am so happy now because I still have time to learn drawing. I have best friend, I always called my best friend with the name little S, my friend has talent with drawing and also want make game with the character his created it. 

I am not expert like him but I do have my own concept about my "future comic" actually it is not comic like Japanese comic as usually, It seem like story with draw content for the kids. So, I found many theory about many ages kid book, because if I want to be writer, the most job I should do is reading and writing. If I don't have any passion to read how I can write, am I right?

Drawing is one of my activity beside make cakes and also find the temporary jobs. My project for content writer already finish and this month, mmm I wish I will find new project again but why many fake companies offer me and I wonder it just want stolen my articles without payment. So silly people. Talking about stolen articles, that is many people to do that. are they proud with their name in the people who created it? I don't think it is good to do like that.

Drawing is not simple like what I am thinking, it also complicated when you decided to make conflict on the book you are making but it also same excited when you get the result although the final is not perfect as your imagination but with work hard, hard practice it is nice to do. Keep learning drawing and find new passion inside. 

Whatever people say about my dream and none support me, I am o.k with my dream and make it real although sometimes it difficult to do but I won't give up make it real. If people ask me why i am dreaming person, then I will always answer, people without dream is same like people don't have passion in their life. Dream to make us to keep alive in difficult world. Do you wonder what is my concept about my new project and I still publish in here and still not make it in hard cover book because I am still learning and I wish one day I will publish it in hard cover book too like in my self publisher novel and also has ISBN for that bok

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