Are you afraid with the death? Are you afraid when you are death? Do you ever watch the movie and they dance with the death with the freedom feeling. Do you think the people are crazy who dance with the death and you feel how the brave them. They can take the death with the brave feeling?

I don’t know why I am talking about the death, I am still 31 years old and I am still don’t have many experiences about life and death. Now, I am 34 years old and I still don’t know about the death, I just know one thing, when my daddy death I feel empty inside and that’s feeling still same. I lost someone special in my life, although when my dad live we seldom stay together but lost him and never see him again that is so different.

If I can say, papa is one of people who dance with the death. Papa already to leave this earth until Jesus wake him up again one day. If you believe in christian so you know what I mean but I guess in moeslem also same after death will have new life, whatever religion that is same, actually, I guess but different way how to believe it.

Long time ago, two years ago, I said “I want to make story about people who dance with the death. That is so wonderful in the area people who afraid with the death. Not because I was watching the korea movie about the rain, the angel of the death who so handsome and never see the blue sky. It is about people who take the death with the smile.”

But until this time, I never write about it! Am I afraid with the death? I said I am still not ready yet. But sometimes I hope death will come to me, when I feel so depression but I am not sure if I will get good world when I will wake up again one day, the point I am still afraid with the death and I can’t dance with the death. Papa pass away with smiling in him face, feel peace when I see papa in the box of the death. I can’t cry with “honest” feeling and after a month papa death and I am feeling sad and cry in silent of the night.

I don’t believe it so faster and I still have many stories to tell papa and shared my life with him. Now, I just have mama in my life and someone special will have good commitment one day. I wish, God will bless my life until I have kid one day and making my mama happy as well as good daughter for her. Then one day I will be ready with the death and I will dance with the death.


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