It's normal when you feel so blue
Because life is up and down as usually
It's normal when you wanna cry alone
Because you don't have words to tell
You can't explain how you feel about life

Life never easy that's people know it
But you never give up to survive in alive
Because you know something beautiful will wait you
You know and you try to pass day by day every time

It's normal when you think you are dreamer
Because every body is dreamer people
Every body has their own dreaming including you
It's normal when you feel so afraid in your dream

Feeling blue is normal because you still alive
You can see every side of your life pass the day
It's normal when you feel it just dream and feel blue
But the feeling blue will be gone soon as possible

When you can see your dream will be real
When you can touch your lovely hand beside you
You can see someone you love around you
It's normal if you wanna cry and feel alone

Because you are still waiting someone to fill your day
You always pray to be closer with someone you want
You want it so badly to spend your rest life with him/her
That is normal feeling blue and afraid till it real

Because who know the future but always remember the magic words
Believing each other and faith for your love because it real
Don't worry about people said something about your love story
Because you can feel it and cry it alone in the night to believe

You are in the right decision to be the winner one day
Still waiting time to make dream come true and feeling blue gone
Become the happiness day in the rest of your life
Life is hard that is people know so it's o.k to feel blue sometimes

Tanjungpinang, October 7 2015 in the mid night

Note : Poetry to someone I am waiting for... I don't care what people think about my dream and my decision because I know you are the one I want in my life. Faith for our future and love. My angels always beside you. Love you as my breath I take to get fresh oxygen. Someone who never forget about the meaning of HOPE and DREAM.

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