Dear diary, a few days ago I was trying to make something different on my new blog that was myadventurelife which this blog just special discuss about traveling and Indonesia. I just wanna do different on that blog. I put something new, that was how to learn bahasa (Indonesia language). I love to share the positive things and I also hope my special friends can learn my mother language too.

Learning bahasa should step by step and just need more patient and practice and it is the simple way you can learn. Some friends who expat live in Indonesia for long time but some them still don't understand bahasa. I wish this lesson with simple way and just a little bit vocabulary will helpful for tourist who want holiday in Indonesia and want to know a little bit bahasa or local language here. Some people in Indonesia don't know English so it will make you little difficult to interaction with them. 

Another my first blog hal-wanita, this blog already years I never update and a few days I decided to make it more cute and useful anymore. This blog I make for keep my data when I was journalist but this time I also want make it useful again although I am not journalist anymore but my desire to keep writing make me thing it again, actually this blog with Indonesia language. So, I am sorry if you can't bahasa you can't read it.

Health.......... Family............Beauty.......... Culinary.............Travel

healty photo healthy life hidup sehat bersama wanita sehat di hal-wanita.jpgfamily photo keluarga hal wanita.jpgbeauty photo beauty-hal-wanita.jpg
culiner photo kuliner.jpg travel photo travel around the world jelajah indonesia berlibur bersama keluarga dunia wanita.jpg family photo keluarga hal wanita.jpg

For diary citra this blog about poetry and about anything about my life, my opinion and etc.... I hope this blog will make you can learn or just kill the time.........

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