Dear diary, today I am so silly, I forgot my pin 3 times and it got block. I don't know why but my feeling is not nice. It because papa is sick and this time papa can't get safe anymore. Papa already gone and God take papa forever this time. JUNE, 27th 2015 06.30 is like storm for our family. The most bad time, I am not there, beside papa when papa sick. Now, I feel so lonely and can't doing anything. I just crying and crying, one by one my brothers and sister called me, including my friend, Meri and my aunt, Sri.

We don't believe it, because it so fast. I also can't believe it. But It happened this time, this saturday is worse day in my life. My papa is not alive anymore. He is already gone and never see me marriage one day. I am so sad now, I am feel so lonely and hopeless. The most I still can't make my papa happy to see me marriage. I am sorry papa. At least when my sister was marriage and you were in hospital I did company you all week in hospital and care you like you ever care me.

When my sister called me, I can hear my mama's crying so badly. I know how is she feel this time. 

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