Every body is waiting to get wonderful once time in alive, become bride and groom. The wonderful moment to shared life together, two become one. Sound like song of Spice Girls. But that is truth, if you already marriage, you are not two people anymore but become "ONE". I got inspiration to shared about this topic, based on my sister wedding. Christin marriage is not simple like you can imagine. Many stuff to do and also should good plan, good prepare to get perfect wedding day in your life and you never forget about it. 

I can't say my sister wedding plan is rush but maybe it can be "rush" because sometimes need something we never think about it before. So, what you should do when someone propose you to be his wife (because never woman propose man first). The journey of
your new life begun. Sometimes, when make wedding plan, get many trouble indeed. It is not so easy like you said "Yes, I do," with the eyes bright or sparking the happiness. Finally someone you love propose you, you are happy, very happy of course.

This tips, I wish will make you are not shock when prepare wedding at church with many stuff you should prepare. Take a breath and be happy to do the most beautiful plan with your groom.

1. Making List
List is very important for you to make that simple and remind you what stuff you need and buy. Everybody has good memory because they have brain. But sometimes, we forget the small things and that make you should go again to buy something. So better, make list what you should prepare in church.

2. Plan and Prepare budget
Everybody wants to get big party, wedding party just once time in alive. Because you won't get divorce and if it happened, its different story. But for the people who never marriage, they dream of course like fairy tale, happy ending. Let's make plan and prepare budget how much you need to all stuff, and also how many invitations will attend in your wedding party.

3. Concept Wedding and Dresses
This is very important to make your concept wedding and also dresses for the people who get position on your wedding ceremony at church. What is color design you like and how to prepare clothes for the bride maids, flowers girl, bell boy, MC, etc. You should have imagination about it and this clothes can't be rush to prepare if you have concept the wedding dress.

to be continued 

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