Dear diary, this is already May. Since the first day on May, I want to write "Welcome May, and Bye April. I wish the best life will come too. I am happy May already come and I wish will bring me good news and good surprise in hole my life. Actually, I am also sad about Nepal. Wish Nepal people will be keep strong with what they got this time. It was hard life, read news about Nepal, of course remind us about Aceh, long time ago. Disaster, nobody know what and when it will come, but everybody can feel how the feeling sad and blue about disaster. I feel the same with Nepal and I pray for Nepal people to keep spirit and don't give up. Life is hard, but nobody want disaster happened. When it already happened, we can't refused it, we just keep survive and fighting to get wonderful day.

Dear diary, May already come and I also got some interviews and some I rejected because the salary is not like what I expected. But I wish soon, I will get good job, this time I also got freelancer job as collected some data and I wish I can finish it and get normal life. I want to tell you something diary, I bought mixer and blender, because I had an idea to sell cup cake every weekend in some places which it on sunday become "Car Free Day", so every sunday I will change the location, wish me luck to get extra money. So I can collected money to go to new adventure or at least survive till I find the good job with good salary like what I wish not small salary just around 3,5. at least 5 hahahah, So, I can keep money and save some money to go holiday to make new adventure when get vacation. 

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