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Tomtom the Tooth Fairy
In a country, there lived a very handsome elf. But unfortunately he does not have the teeth. Handsome fairy named Tomtom. State elf uproar, how can a new born elf has no teeth.

Tomtom certainly feel very sad, because he does not have teeth like a fair friends. He did not feel confident to play with his friends. Tomtom rather be alone, than play with his friends.

At one time, Tomtom is aloof flew erratic direction. Apparently he has been among the border gates between the worlds of fairies and humans. Tomtom surprised. Because senior fairies always forbid anyone through the border gates between the worlds of fairies and humans.

Tomtom feel curious was kept flying through the gate. Tomtom astonishment at the sight of the human world that is similar to the fairy world. Lots of flowers, trees. Tomtom hear many voices laughing. Apparently Tomtom saw a bunch of kids who were playing under the tree.

Tomtom watched from the top of the tree. He was pleased to observe the children at play. Tomtom also have a desire to be able to play with fairy friends . However, he realizes that he has flaws. He does not have teeth like his friends. He was ashamed to smile. Because his smile would look weird.

Every day Tomtom slip to go to the human world. He felt reassured hiding under foliage while watching the children play. Until one day, Tomtom heard a different sound than usual. The sound of crying. Tomtom surprise as he was flying slowly to see the direction that the sound of crying.

He saw a little boy was sobbing. He was holding his cheek as he continued to cry. Then, a friend of the little boy was immediately approached him and asked why he was crying.

"My tooth off," said the child was crying, he showed his tooth to his friend.

"Come on, we report it to your mother," said his friend.

Tomtom had followed them from a distance. He was curious about the children's teeth are loose it. Not long after, the children were already in the house. Tomtom is hiding behind window. He watched children whose teeth are still loose it.

"It's okay honey," said the Bintang’s mother, "You tooth will grow a new one. Originally diligent toothbrush. "
Bintang was relieved, but he was not willing, if his teeth removed. So he kept it under the pillow. Bintang fear, if teeth are not growing. Tomtom who saw it all, quietly waiting till the household was asleep.

Tomtom flew through a crack in the window that opens half. He immediately flew slowly. The aim is for sure, saw tooth star kept under the pillow. Tomtom was moved to take the Bintang's teeth. However Tomtom fear, but the desire to have a tooth that beat his fear.

He immediately took the Bintang tooth and stashed in his bag. Because Tomtom is a fairy, he could conjure gold coins. He put the gold coins under the Bintang pillow. Tomtom feel bad because, if he take Bintang’s tooth without giving anything in the Bintang.

Tomtom flew back to his country. He hid the teeth were taken secretly in the gold box which he put under his bed. The next day. Tomtom surprised, as he felt there was something strange with his gums. He also saw the glass and how shocked he was when he saw the teeth attached to the gums.

He was soon looking for valuable items safe. Tomtom even more surprised to discover that he keeps teeth were gone. In the human world, where the star stayed also suffered huge uproar. Bintang that when they want to see his teeth, was surprised to find it loose teeth and replaceable no gold coins.

"Mother, mother," cried Bintang calling his mother.

Mother was in the kitchen to prepare breakfast immediately approached him. "What's happened Bintang ?" Said the mother softly.

"I had a look at my teeth," said Bintang, pulling blanket down the floor.

"Instead of teeth Bintang, Bintangput under the pillow?" Replied the mother, "Look again correct, may fall under bed."
"Yes, but Bintang did not find it. Bint nginstead found a gold coin under the pillow Stars. "

The mother was overjoyed, "My mother was trying to ask your father."

When the mother tell the story to  father. Father was not paying any gold coins under the Bintang pillow . Be human spread in this country, that the tooth fairy and replaced Bintang captured the gold coins.

His friends heard it, they were happy. So that every tooth they were released, they keep it under the pillow. It happened over and over again. So that was already complete Tomtom teeth.

Excitement about the human world and missing teeth replaced gold coins it was heard by the elders of the fairy world. They are confused about what happened. So that fairies were each given question. Until the turn of Tomtom.

Tomtom also tell you all what happened. Fairy world was appalled, because something like that does not exist. Took this stuff was banned in the human world. However, because the kids are happy to get gold coins instead of a missing tooth. Tomtom was not punish, instead he got the nickname by his friends, the tooth fairy.

By having perfect teeth and a beautiful, Tomtom was so confident and he can play with his friends. Although it has teeth, Tomtom still like to sneak into the border gates between the worlds of humans and fairies to retrieve a loose tooth and replace gold coins. Because Tomtom feel grateful to have had clean white teeth and perfect.

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