"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" someone yell in the princess bedroom. What happen? thinking bodyguard and also some maid who always stand in front of princess room.

"What happen, princess," ask one of maid.

"Don't come," yelled the princess from the room.

"How we can help if you are not allow us to come in?" reply the bodyguard.

"Just, leave me alone and don't dare to come to my room. ANYBODY."

Princess looked in the mirror. She is so shock, her face become so ugly and she doesn't understand why it can be happen. She think and thinking but none of idea in her mind. She trow her body in bed. Then she fall asleep.

She wishes this is just nightmare and when she wake up, her pretty face will back. She is trying to sleep, but it is to hard doing it in morning time. The voice so annoying in her window. She wants to upset but she can't do it like usually, she is always frighting away children who play under her window. She doesn't like laugh children, that is making her headache. She hates the happiness people.

She is princess from the wonderful kingdom but the park, the river, the gold, the delicious food never make her happy. She is hating her days and she really rejected people who want to help her. Because she just think they just want take benefit from her, as her the only princess in this kingdom.

Tired thinking something who bad things. Making her fall asleep with empty stomach. When she wake up, she still find her ugly face. She wants cry but no tears in her eyes. Because she doesn't know how to cry and smile. She just know how to upset.

She can't stand with her ugly face and she wants people know about what happen with her. She suddenly look the window, that is so quite because already night and she try to make rope from sheet bed. Finally, she can out from the wonderful room.

But she doesn't know how to hiding because she doesn't have any place or someone to shared her problem. She confused and just walk and walk till she found the fire near river. She saw some people sit around the fire and sing a song.

When she realize that is group people there, she tried to hiding but one of them saw her and ask her to join with they group. The first, she rejected because she won't they look her ugly face. But, they don't care how she looks.

She doesn't realize her stomach sing a song because all day she is not eating any single food. Then, old woman offer her one mug of soup. She said Thank you and eating it. Anytime she said the goodness, she doesn't realize her face changing.

They are sing happy songs, the princess just hear it and she is smiling when one of them making humor and make the people laugh. She also feel sad when one of them telling story about the death of his kid. Every time, she learn about the meaning of life, every part of her face become normal. Her face become ugly because she never smile and feel something.

Life will make ugly face if never used it for the good or sad things. Because the magnet of that make face become relax and not stiff.

Jakarta, 18 November 2014

#Cerita anak-anak #Dongeng pengantar tidur #Kisah anak dibalik dongeng #Moral penting dalam dongeng

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