Long time ago, I have small shopping online but it already one year. Now I want to make it more good and dwirafashion When I make this business, my parents, especially Mum is not support me.
never give up to make the Internet users know about this website. Dwirafashion online dot com hahah not like that

She think I will fail because I don't have big capital to make it real. Yes, she half true!!! But I want give up. I will try to rise this dream become success. I know difficult because many competitors, but I will more hard make it success one day.

Today, I bought this.......  Yes right head statue. Since long time ago, I want buy this one but don't have opportunity.  When I got money from the new project from friend. Actually, I always buy novel to remind the history it. But today I want different. I want buy this statue, This also can make me remind my new freelance job as "editor" although my english is not perfect too.
If I have extra money, I will buy one or two wigs for make this statue perfect to display picture of my hand-made hair accessories.

Because this time I am still searching job, I will make new create again to hair accessories for children and also teen or adult too. Keep Spirit Citra to rise your dream step by step. Become success is not easy but that is need work hard, patient, never give up, spirit. Just focus to do what you really want to do till I find good job with good salary and the most important weekend off, so on Saturday I can spend time to church.

I also have crazy an idea to sell some hair accessories I do make it a few time ago on Tugu Monas every sunday morning time, No need shy maybe sell in the street and offer to the people who pass there when they are doing exercises. That is good money not bad money, because I get it with work hard with my own sweat.

Although it so embarrassing, sell in the street because in hole my life. I never do that stuff, but here metropolitan city so no need embarrassing do like that. I will try to do it, even cover my eyes with mask hahahaha. At least  I want try although it is very difficult for me, but why not right :)

I want to yell, CITRA YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! DON'T CRY WHEN YOU GOT PROBLEMS because SOMEONE coz many PEOPLE AROUND YOU who still love you as the way you are :) Keep spirit and fight because life is being like that.

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