Patient 28

Still remember I company my friend from Tanjungpinang to the hospital to check her womb to get IVF. I will remind a little bit, last Saturday, my friend came to Jakarta from Tanjungpinang, I pick her in Gambir Station, more easy then I should pick her in airport. So, I show her and then we continue our journey to hospital.
Many people in that hospital, especially in 4 floors. The patients in that floor all to check their womb and also asking about IVF. Some people in the waiting room, they are still young and also some old people, one of them get company from their husband and some come alone, like my friend, she comes alone from Tanjungpinang.

Waiting is so bored. But that is also blessing. I am talking to some people their, the reason always same, they already marriage till 3-4 years but still don’t have baby. So they decided to get IVF. IVF program is not cheaper, that is so damn expensive, the price around 70 million IDR and the result maybe success and maybe not, depend on your lucky. But at least they already try to do the best to get the flower of their love.

Short story, because my friend doctor got action in his clinic so he came late to hospital. We were waiting and waiting. Suddenly old woman with the hijab seat around us. We were talking as usually, then asking some simple words as greetings. Then, story begun. She got queue number 28. This woman from

Ouh man, you always selfish and you always blame women when they can’t give you baby. She said after divorce, she feel empty and then suddenly she met the second husband from the facebook. His from Africa. We talk many words that time, the point is, she afraid to marriage because his from another country and they know from face book but this man show the act to proof his love. Then they were marriage till 7 years, but they still don’t have baby. It was her first time to try IVF. She known from her friend who also do this, but her friend got bad womb, so the IVF is not working to her womb. She known it when check in this hospital. That was why her friend suggestion to used this hospital to check up the womb.
Bangka, she came this hospital also want to check her womb and she already marriage two time. The first time she’s marriage with Indonesian man, but coz of her can’t pregnant, she got cheat and divorce suddenly. The husband blame her because she can’t give baby to prove their love to the world, at least to their family.

Yes, the patient 28 really innocent even she older then us. She didn’t know her condition when check. This is the trouble of Indonesian people, they never notice their health. They don’t care it, so they don’t read the result of the medical check up. They think just enough the doctor know what happened with their condition. We should change our mindset about this one!!!! Ok, the more you know your condition, the more you can be easy to ask the doctor about your condition and also how to get solution as your problems.

The patient number 28 really make m realize to care your condition, the detail of that so you know what happened with your body when something hit you. You know it, Marriage is not the point to find happiness but marriage also will make your life completed, I wish one day, as soon as possible I will open my heart to someone special to grow old together whatever life will hit us, we will hold hands together to say to the world our love more stronger then the problems, because we already promise in the church to keep together till death come to us 

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