After my fantasy about chocolate become real then the next destination is France. The Romantic country in the world, people said like that. But I ever watch movie about this country, as I remember Korea Movie about two women backpacker to this country and find trouble in their travel, got thief pocket, should get deportation and many things.

But I still wanna feel this city, the fashion country in the world. As my dream I wanna be designer to my small boutique one day. This city is a magic, they like magnet for the people who love fashion and become trendy. This place is the belong to you. Mystery and romantic but damn expensive.

In the night walk alone and see the Eifel tower. The light is bright in the tower and look the stars and said stars finally I can see you not just fake stars in my ceiling room which company me in every night time in the dark room. But this is real stars and I see it in the dark sky and it far away but look so close, because the aura of romantic place.

Drinking hot chocolate and see the happy couple to make me dreams what is amazing life God create first human, Adam and Eve. God want they like this moment romantic and love each other in below light moon and stars.  Then I got inspiration to write romantic stories  That is wonderful suitcase traveling I ever get.

The next destination is…..

That is secret  enough just 5 destination I shared because like my friend in Tanjungpinang said, I have much dream and if it is not become true will make me hurt so deeply, like someone stab your heart with knife, hurt :p

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