UBUD is so exciting place that what am I thinking and I can't sleep well because sun already show the light bright. So I am wake up and still feeling tired and sleepy. Actually my back bag so heavy with full of my clothes for a few days in Bali.

We do breakfast before doing plan for activity as long as I am in Ubud. When in Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia, I do have some plan to explore Bali. Because when I work in Bali, I never go anywhere just between kost (boarding house, rent small room for sleep and pay per month, red) and the place I worked there.

So here I am so exciting with full of my plan in my head. Feel so exciting to look around East Bali, West Bali, North Bali even South Bali. That is what I am thinking when I am home, visit my parents and for make some document for ID Card and Passport which already expire so need renews again.

I don't make plan today just do it as water without any plan. So, I decided to look monkey in monkey forest in Ubud. I just need walk from my home stay around 15 minutes or more, I don't know because I am not count the time this time hehehehehe. Walking in monkey forest road really so exciting. Many people around that walk side left and right. Even some walk side broken that is not making problem to over sea tourist.

As long as my eyes catch the people who pass me, I never meet domestic tourist in Ubud. All just oversea tourist and some the baliness people who offer something. They think I am from part of asia not Indonesia. Because they speak with me in english language even the language is not so perfect and with the limit language they keep over service.

In Monkey Forest you can find culinary and also service for taxi. Note don't think taxi in Ubud is like taxi in Jakarta or something else like blue bird, express taxi but the taxi in Ubud mean is private car which people offer you to take your next destination you wanna go about the price I don't know because as long as I am in Ubud I never used the service of that taxi. If you have good budget I guess the price they offer is not to expensive just medium price.

Monkey Forest is the first street become my favorite to pass it because I cant count how many time I did pass that road hehehehe. Monkey Forest road is one of big road after Hanoman Road (Jalan Hanoman). But the Monkey Forest road just one way. So if you go there with the car or motor bike, you can't pass to that road, you should go to hanoman street then you will find the monkey forest road.

When you already in outside the judge of monkey forest you can hear the monkey sound call you to visit them inside of the monkey forest Ubud. The first think I ever go there but the Monkey Forest in Ubud so different like the first monkey forest  I visit the first time I came to Bali. So in Bali have two monkey forest, in Ubud and Alas Kedaton. What is the different between both of that?

Okey, the first I will tell you, my readers about my first love in Bali when visit the travel palace in Bali.Of course in Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest first. I guess I still have that pictures.  Monkey Forest (Alas Kedaton), located in Kukuh Village a litle bit west from Taman Ayun Temple, Tabanan regency. About 500 population monkeys in this forest, inside of the forest there is very old temple (Alas Kedaton Temple), big fruit bats hanging in high tree during the day time and will go to outside for feed in the night time. A lot of shop on the way to the forest and the local guide (one of the shopkeeper) will accompany you to see the monkey around and the end they will ask you to visit theirs shop for souvenirs.

To visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest just get cost around 15.000 IDR or 1.5 USD per person. When I visit there the guide company us to look around and always remind us to beware because some monkey there so naughty and also have sign "DON'T FEED THE MONKEY". Let's talk about Monkey Forest in Ubud. WOW, I more like in UBUD, why?

Because the place is more biggest then Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton. Monkey Forest Padangtegal Villlage in Ubud,  why because the location is on that village. The forest is so nice and really like welcome to the judge with many monkey will walk, swing in the trees, play, fight and many action in the wild of that habitat of monkey in that location.

What you can find in that place is the open stage, when I already feel tired look around that forest. I am sitting there and look some monkey play and drink in that around open stage. So nice and also the wind make your feeling tired gone. So amazing place to take a rest when your feet became sore and tired look around there. What else? Main temple, dragon stair, center point, exhibition hall holy pool, tree adoption, entrance the holy spring, holy spring temple, deer stable and rumah kompos.

Is expensive to look the monkey forest in Ubud then the Alas Kedaton? Yes the price is more expensive just 30.000 IDR or around 3 USD. There have two gate to visit that forest. When I go there I visit in the gate two because more close when I walk to visit that place. Ah in this place the monkey is not naughty as long as you are not disturb them. You can give them food if you want. You can buy banana in that place, some place have little stand which the visitor can buy it and feed the monkey.

The way is so simple, just take one banana in up your hand. Stand up put one hand up in your head. Suddenly the monkey who look the banana will climb your body and take the banana and seat in your shoulder. If you already feel exciting and want to make the monkey turn off to your body. The employee will make the monkey go away. Don't be afraid, they are not bite you as long as you give him the banana. So cute, some woman who try that action give a little screaming when the monkey climb their body. Me? Of course I will not do that, I am afraid of Monkey hehehehe. For more information about that place when you wanna holiday in Bali, especially Ubud. just look the monkey forest website in here

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