Bali is so unique and everything in Bali really exciting and that is why many tourist come to Bali not just one time but over and over. Because Bali has mysterious and that is the reason many people always wonder and exciting to visit in Bali. Exotic that is the reason many people call Bali is paradise Indonesia. But don't think Bali is expensive if you want to enjoy your holiday. You, the readers also can make limit budget to enjoy one of paradise place in Bali.

I do believe it, I enjoy activities in Bali and everything is free even not to expensive to explore this place and doing so nice activities without big budget. After read the part one in my article, we continue in part two. Do you have an idea what can you do for free activity in Ubud Bali?

3. Walk Through Ubud's Rice Fields

Ubud has spilled out into its tiny surrounding villages, but the growth has not ruined the natural setting of the beautiful surroundings.  Green rice fields still blanket much of the area and can easily be reached by foot or on bicycle.

The fields may be hiked along a twisting path for miles through tiny, thatched-roof villages.  You will find the start of one of the trails just past the small market outside the "top" entrance of the Ubud Monkey Forest.

Hiking these tranquil fields in the morning to the sounds village life beginning is something you will never forget. Yea I don't believe it. Bali has many rice fields and everywhere in Ubud you can see it and of course enjoy the green of that rice fields, so magic and nice after you always look the giant buildings, pollution. So this view will make your eyes become feel so good and fresh. What else the nature can remove stress in work, life and anything you have in your life.

Don't worry to get the rice field is easy, one of in near in Mind road Ubud Raya or in Jalan Raya Ubud but you should go to west. They put sign so you can see it. But to see it of course you will need little extra energy. But when you already in that place, the tired already gone. The green and the wind so amazing. You can enjoy it as long as you want.

Note : Put special lotion  for make mosquitoes not bite you when you in that place. The most nice this place you can come in early morning or in time about 04.00-05.00 PM. That is not to hot and you can see it so clear without worry mosquito will bite you. Enjoy your eyes with the green of rice field. The plant which one of food for Indonesian people.

 4. Visit Ubud's gorgeous Water Palace

This place so amazing and you can take picture free and enjoy the view of this place. This place so easy to find and you can visit it by walk or foot, not so far from the main street Jalan Raya Ubud. Mmmm what can I say this place is the most beautiful temples in Bali. Why? because it's approached by a long stone walkway plus a large deep-green pond full of water lilies. Small stone statues line the walkway.

Ubud’s water palace is designed in typical Balinese temple style with red brick, white stone, and elaborately carved wood. Two stone temple guardians shaded by Balinese umbrellas ward off bad spirits. The entry is embellished with elaborately carved and gilded wood doors.

The Water Palace is located smack in the middle of Ubud on Jalan Raya Ubud. Find it behind well-established Lotus Pond Restaurant. Because this temple hiding between that place. Poor me when I holiday there I can't eat in that place because they service pork and also the price is not on my budged so poor me hahahaha. But don't worry you still can enjoy the culinary with the cheaper price but the taste also so good. It will post in another story about Bali in my holiday time.

want to know what you can do for free activity when holiday in Bali, Ubud? just keep read this everyday and you can find something so exciting to do and you will love it and don't forget to make plan for your next holiday to visit Bali, especially UBUD and this place also one of part from the movie Julia Robert, "Love, Eat, Pray" ah i forget the title hahahaha. But you will never feel sorry when you enjoy your holiday here. Like me :)

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