Hi, I am back.... I am back with full spirit even this is the crazy
city I ever stay hehehehe. Yea, I always stay in wonderful city in the
world. Want to know? The first I was born in Balikapan, East Borneo.
The first place I know when I was kid and that is wonderful place till
know. Why I said that, when I was visit my grandfather there on 2010.
Many new buildings and also already be more metropolitan city. It was
not same when I moved there on my age 19 years old.

Then we were moving in the quite place and "scary" place on 2000. Why
I said "scary" because it was island no have many good building and
also difficult to get clean water. That was Tanjungpinang, Bintan
Island. So, there was city I stay just a year. But the most time I
spend in Lagoon, Bintan Island for working. After that I decided to
continue my study --Till this time, I still want go to college. I wish
one day I can finish my Bachelor and also get my master, education for
me so important, because many knowladge I get it. But the problem,
education is so damn expensive for people like me hehehehe--

I choose Jogjakarta as the place for study. Of course that was the
wonderful place too. So cheaper and also quite nice. This place also
made me more grow and independent to be my self. After graduating,
then I back to the "scary" island. But, nanananana the city grow and
grow although the growing is not faster like Batam or Balikpapan. But
better then I came first time.

But I was not to long there, because I got job in Batam as Journalist.
Ah, I was so happy person in the world. When I got that job. Because
that was my dream, my desire and also my hope. Actually when I choose
study I really want to choose mayor communication but my parents were
not allow me. So I guess that was my distany jejejejeeeee --hahahaha,
clidish-- But just more or less 5 years I was being journalist
(2005-2010). That was ok. but writing is like my third soul. I can't
life without writing any opinion or something. Thanks for blogger, so
I have place to writing and some people read it. The most in Indonesia
language. So, I always compare Indonesia and also English. Because
almost 10 years after graduating I never used my english and I realize
I am not so active speak or writing in English. SO this is my media
for making my vocabulary improve every day and every time hehehe.

Thanks also for my friends from oversea who always help me correctly
my mistake or error vocabulary and grammar. Love it so much,
speacially my Red. He always keep in touch with me already almost 2
years :) if you are near I want to give you special my favorite food,
chocolate and ice cream hehehe.

Okey then I also worked in Bali and now I am trying to get in Jakarta.
But it was so different like what I imagination. Jakarta is big city,
crowded and the worse traffict light in the world. Plus general
transportation is so difficult to get it.

I was already working but the place from my "small room" boarding
house so far need almost two half hours every morning and when get
home need more 3 hours to arrive in my boarding house. So, I try it
but the rain season making me think third time so I decided to resign
because,-- I did told that yesterday-- lol.

So, this is me. My spirit for writing back even not for making
selfpublisher like one and second book. Talking about book, a few my
"fans" asking me when I will make the third books, because they love
my story. Wow, unbelieve. I never think it. Yea my desire I will have
best seller book, even never lucky for this one --hahaha-- because I
am still loving to write different style story.

If you want to know my story about ..... You should read it in
Indonesia language hahahaha. But I already promise to make it in
English version. But still no have time to make it. Ah, I also wanna
spend this time in dunot cafe, for free wifi. Because my modem here so
slowly, gggrrrr so bad yea. Have many balance for internet but cant

Citra Pandiangan
*Keep Smile and Spirit*

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