If I got change to work in one of NGO in Indonesia for International
NGO it would be so great. But I never lucky to get job. I really would
love to used my skill work in Ngo for the poor kids or HIV/AIDS. But
my destiny is still not there. My resume never failed to get any
position there.

But I never give up because that is my bad character. Never give up to
get what I want it to my life. When I remind, why I want to be
journalist or writer even I am still not publish book in national
publisher? Because I want to prove it to my grandfather and my uncle.
I can do it, I can be writer as long as I want it.

Like this, maybe almost 30 resumes I sent to any NGO in Indonesia even
just one time the NGO called me for interview but I think I am not
pass it to get the second part to interview. Yea, just already happy
get change to go interview in air port because madam D was busy and
she was in Jakarta.

Why I am interesting in NGO, because that is so social job and we help
people, poor people or grow something for social network or social
attitude. That is my dream eh my desire to help people. I am not rich
so I can't help them with the money.

I almost love to do social organization, like when I worked as
journalist I have plan to used one of politic place to teach english
for poor kids, the street kids, younger and also kids with the age
under 5 years old.

Yea I teach them with the simple grammar and also improve their
knowledge. and for kids sing a song with the english song. hahaha even
my voice is not gold voice but I am so happy with every moment teach
them. I really want to do it again.

When I read email for NGO who need teacher for the village I offer
myself but because my background it was not education so they refused
it. So, when people ask what is my desire. This is my new

Citra Pandiangan

*Keep Smile and Spirit*

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