Dear Diary,

Today I wake up with the lazy mood. So I try to refused the lazy mood
for early morning prayer. Horrey, I am lucky, because I can throw a
way the lazy mood. Then I wake up and pray, long prayer for my special
friends, my friends, my family (parents, sister and brother) then pray
for myself. I feel so peace when praying in early morning. Even, that
is so hard to do, sometimes. But, I can and I need, indeed I can do it

Reading a story in the bible in early morning also making me good.
Because it like I can hear God voice and making me I am not alone in
the world when my life is down so badly. Yea, that is making me
strong, in fact my best friends and family support me and also pray
for me. That is wonderful life, right.

No need wonderful life if you just get the happiness. Sometimes when
you get problems, that is also can be the wonderful time. You can see
how is care your friends, when you fall down, they dont leave you
alone. They still stand beside you. So you know where is the good
friends in your life, right?

Dear diary, in a few days I got strange dream hehehe, actually that is
also funny thing. In my dream, I was trying to catch train but many
times train was pass out without me. Then it was making me so angry
and I blame my high heels shoes. I still remember what I said in my
dream "Because of you, I can't catch the train." Then I throw that
high heels in the floor. Many people saw me because I stand up in the
middle of coridor between two lines train.

Then someone (in my dream a friend) try to make me calm and ask me to
try another alternative. Then, I got transportation without used
train. The meaning of my dream, I was searching yesterday when I was
sitting in dunot cafe, my favorite place to get wifi hehehehe. I was
pass good change in my life. Maybe it is true. When I am thinking how
many times I was refuse schedule for interview.

Diar diary, today I got an interview in Tomang. I never go there, but
I believe God will sent angels for help me to find the way go there by
myself. That is mean, new adventure again. as soon as I will tell you

Lovely morning


*Keep Smile and Spirit*
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