Am I dreaming, but I don't remember anything! Maybe I forgot pray because reading book. Today, many list must to do! Boring life! Always working and working. When I get fun in my life.
Ah, time still 5.00 am, to early to wake up! Better sleep for a while! But I can't sleep even my eyes so heavy and need to close.
I am turning my cd player and the song what's love from amy macdonald full of my early morning!
I woke up this morning had nothing to do
I tried to call you but I couldn't get through
Oh man what's a girl to do, I'm totally lost without you
A Bell was ringing inside my head and if it wasn't for you I'd have wound up dead
But now I'm officially wrong in the head, I'm totally lost without you
And your dancing along not knowing the songs
And if that's not a fan what is
And your telling the kids in the street not to swear
And if that's not a man what is
And your girlfriends at home she's all alone
And if that's not love what is
What is love, what is love, what is love
I went to bed I was on my own
I don't even know where I'm coming from
Now I'm leaving all alone
I'm totally lost without you
I left last night with and aching head
And I couldn't sleep so I cried instead
Forever sleeping in an empty bed
Still totally lost without you
Will have crazy day at work! Work and work then time fast, back to home and here I'm in my small kingdom with my new book I bought a few days and here the music.
Lay down on the bed, read a few pages then I hear my phone is ringing. I look the lcd and Sam, call me. I am so lazy to meet or pick this man phone. But I see, he was already 5 times call me.
"Helo," finally I decided to pick him call.
"Where are you! I call you many time!"
"I'm sorry, I don't hear it! Any business to call me."
"No, just want to ask you to dinner."
"I'm already eat," I lie to be good reason, I don't like meet this guy.
"Come on, just company me. I found nice restaurant near beach and I hear the food was good."
"Next time, ok. I'm so such tired."
"You always say that! I will pick you up in 15 minutes and you must ready."
*continue lol


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