4 am out from the club

Even still early morning and the street still have cold air and still fresh because still not much transportation in early morning.

Viona looked some young men and girl with a gourp sit in the street and laugh for kill the time maybe to back to their place.

"We want to eat noodles," yelled Brian from beside us.

"Okay, in our favorite cafe?" Asked Tony.

Brian just give signal as his give the thumb. Then here we are, the small cafe and many young men are eating noodles and coffee.

"Do you want to eat?" Asked Brian to Viona.

"No, still to early for eat."

After finish eating, they ask viona, should they drive her home.

"I'm still can't back to my boarding house."

"Okay, then better go to your place Brian," sugges Tony.

"Yes, no problem!"

Then here they are in small room but very simple decoration. When look the bed, Tony lay his body there and ask Vioana to join, but she rejected and say, she is still not sleepy yet. Brian turn on the computer and play games.

Waiting to 6 o'clock make Viona feel so freak coz she never in men room before and beware if something bad happened. But she's feeling sleepy and then she fall sleep.



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