Dear diary, it is already long time I never write on you anymore. I know! I do miss to write on here too. Sometimes I think I don’t enough time to writing on all my blogs since I have paid domain with the total is 6 blogs domain. It is not mean I hate you and I forget you. You are the second time I make since long time ago. I promise, I will keep write on you too.

I do miss to write poetry or poem too. Let’s listen it. Eh read it lol. I do make this poetry based on my video I did upload on my YouTube channel. I will shared to you all my friends here too.


Money can not buy Happiness

Life is hard, hard life!
It should be for us!
I just wanna be happy
Can it happened to me?

I am a poor person in the world
I do not have penny, money
How I can be happy if I don’t have it
Can you tell me how to be happy?

If you have nothing in your pocket
Can you still be happy in your life
Life is magic for some people
But that is not my LIFE to be magic

I can get free oxygen but I am not happy
I can see the wonderful view but I am not happy
I am not happy person in the world coz I dont have money
Can you tell me how to be happy without money?

I yell to the sea but sea never answer my questions
Suddenly I hear birds sing a song and it make me feel peace
It is already long time I don’t feel so peace in my mind
My eyes close and hear the birds and waves every second
I feel so happy and I don’t know how it can be!
I do not need to rush in my life! I can feel the winds
Suddenly I realize money can not buy happiness
Happiness can be create on my mind and myself

Then I should create many happiness in my life
So I can sell the happiness to the people who need it
Even money can not bring happiness but I still need it
To making me keep alive and enjoy my days without rush

Tanjung Pinang, June 6, 2018

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Enjoy Life and be go green

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