Dear diary, how are you today? Long time I never write in here but it does not mean I forget about you. Do you know, a few days ago I got letter from Netherland and this man is so interest with the meaning of lyric I made in here. The song is about Beta Mati Rasa by Pasha (Ungu singer). Actually, I do long time never heard this song. I also do not have time to listen new or old music lately. Even I know song is making me feel good and better to working in the silent of night.

Dear diary, He wants to know the meaning of the song. What should I tell him about it. He wants to using these song to the file with his wife. So cute right but this song actually is broken heart song, about the man who does not believe in love again but he hopes one day time will answer his question and he will believe in love. Talking about love, that is nice when we can share love with the people. DO you already give loves to people around you? Actually You should do it will simple way as such as smiling. When you are smiling the world will smile to you back. I believe it!

Dear diary, time is fly and I still no wings to fly away hahaha. Even like that! I never give up to collects my dream one by one. I know I never give up about anything is good to me by me and why I should think about what people think about me. I love my life as the way I am breath in the air with the fresh air or contamination of pollution because life is never easy since You and I born. That is not mean You and I can not enjoy life! So, enjoying every time I love to discovery my life with full of love around me even some people talk behind me and I do not care about it! My life is my adventure and a book which every body can read it on my blogs actually hahaha, If you love to read it!

Dear diary, I am so sorry I seldom to write on you because You have a lot of brother/sister such as they are I created to be part of you too. Do you want to know? O.K

The first blog I ever made after you. They are kotacinta dot com but its GONE already, the second is with the motto bitter sweet of life because life is not always sweet. Then about gossip because every body loves to gossip. So, I made this blog to chitchat with gossip ways. Then I created I made this because I want to tell story about what happened with me past, now and the future. I wanna make it as journal life with simple words, of course.

Then, dear diary, do you have little sister that is all about holiday and my experience during holiday and get lost in any places I go! Even in small island including the city I lived this time. Another one I make this because I see many people lost their ways, they need sign to keep alive but I seldom update either and I wish one day all I can manage it with happy and fun. The last one and be the little forever is all about traveling in our mother language. O.K enough to much manage blogs I guess but It because I Love to shared my experience, my life and also my days hahahah, So narsis!

Dear diary, I will count the time to past this year and welcoming new year. I would try to post it when the date already 20 December, I will post to you day by day. Just hoping You will love it, my readers also miss me to write on you. I also lost my sense of poetry. I hope I will find my sense of poetry and writing it to you.

Dear diary, do you still know well, my passion is making nice books and adventure with love to explore and learn new things and I will never ever give up to make it real one day. Hope the best on 2018 for me and you too (readers) keep spirit and God bless you.

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