Dear diary, long time I never write here.That is mean I never forget about you. You are still my favorite. Because of you, I have a lot of friends from oversea who love to read my poetry, some articles and of course enjoy become my friend.

I am little busy, I guess a lot lol I am doing new project about something but I can’t tell you right now. Then, I am thinking to try course online which it can be free and pay for get certificate. The price a lot for me right now. But that is ok. I attend for free till I improve my english step by step. Because I know, my English is getting worse all the time. The reason I am lazy to open dictionary and try to remember all vocabulary, grammar, structure and so and so.

Dear diary, You have one little sister, I called her Ngerumpi Blog. I make this blog will update every day and her age still not one month. Do you think this your little sister can grow up like you? I know you are free blog and I would never change you to be self domain. Because, I want you as the way you are hahaha. Like I do. I love to be myself.

Many things happened lately and I hope this month will be better and better. The big problems is my cough still not getting well. Some my mum friends told to mum. I should stop for a while in front of laptop. Do not turn on for a week. What do you think? That is so damn silly right.

But this cough I got before January. Some articles about healthy told me, I got virus 100 days cough. Actually I do not believe it! Because almost 6 years I never got cough in my life. Flue is sometimes. When I got this cough that is making me hurt and sick all the time I cough. The silly is, the virus always come in the middle of night around 1 pm or 4 am. Then stopped it. I am trying do research about this supect that interrupt why day and night. But, I never good result about this.

About the cough medicine, I do try many brand of cough medicines and the result this cough never stop to annoying me. So, even like that I do join class online and the first test will be this weekend. The modules I should learn it so damn much! I am not sure about this test I will good remark because I am still confused to read all about this book. So silly, I take challenge on my life to try something new and difficult either.

Dear diary, why I never stop to learn. Some people hates to learn new things but why I never stop try something NEW and try as the best I am. Even, I am not sure I can do it but I should try and try till I can do it, so making trouble in my life, right! Reading, learning and do some jobs and make my mum friends think i am so stress and make cough never stop to disturb my life.

Talking about new thing. When I am searching about cough and I found something interesting, it is about info graphic which mean some big magazine do this. No words on the blog post just picture which talk or telling you about the information.

I am wonder and try to make it too. I have some pictures and make it become one pages or picture but the result is not like what I expected. I am still not give up to find way it can be good like that. Hope, before this month end. I do find the solution about this.

See you dear. Next week, I hope I will keep update my poetry because I am crazy about post it on instagram. Because maybe I will find something new in IG. Hahaha, hope and cross fingers.



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