I am so fresh

I am ready to see the world
Thank you rain, I wanna say it
You make my sheath beautiful
Because water make me fresh

I am so fresh
After I am feeling thirsty
Because no rain come in my world
This rain fill my need for long time

I am missing rain in my life
Now rain come to me
How lucky I am getting wet
This water make me feel happy

Even I am so wet because of rain
My bud flower full of water
It make me feel so heavy
But I am still happy flower

No one in this world never has problem in alive, if no problem, just one think I know. She/he already death so he/she never feel the problem comes into life. How long we should wait till the problem gone? When we have many solution to refuse the problem but it to much. We still can survive. Like the flower bud that make we are happy.


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