Don’t think about something to mock “body” because every one know elephant is big animal in the world that alive in land. So, do you know the big animal who has big ears and snout has bad character?

This animal has  bad character! That is revenge. Elephant always keep this in his mind to revenge people who make him hurt. So,  we should be better then elephant. Because we are smart and kindness.

Revenge is something will kill you in the silent on your mind. It will make you be unhappy person. Because, you always think how to be revenge to someone who hurt you so badly. You always remind the bad memories and maybe someone who accident hurt you already did not remember it anymore.

Why we should keep bad things in mind and though. If we can life with positive mind and get happy then be mr/mrs/ms grumpy. Because something bad in mind will break all the rule. It become us being human who never been happiness because of the pain what you feel inside your heart and mind.

Your soul also feel unhappy person. That is to poor just remind bad things and spend a lot of time to revengr Life so precious just to think in small darkness box. Why you do not open big box that make you happy then you always look the darkness small box?

But all depend on you! Have good time and see in evening. Time to explore my little world


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