Doodle is nice to do when have free time. I love doing doodle sometimes, even I am not perfect to do doodles because I am amature but I love to make it. So, yesterday on my weekend I am doing doodles and I just make something different then usual. It’s nice to kill the time.

Sometimes we never know what we want to do on weekend or on our free time. Actually, every body love to hang out or traveling when holiday but in reality we should make everything cheap and less spend money when the condition pocket is not perfect yet.

I know, sometimes we want the best in our life and what should you do what you expected never be real? Give up or just think about something bad about yourself, it will make you tired and stress then become illness including depression. Just do what you can do to make you happy. Don’t you remember when you were kids, your parents give you candy or ice cream. How do you feel in that time, so happy right? So, why don’t you feel happy even you can’t go anywhere lol.

I am happy when I am reading, browsing, blog walking sometimes when I have good connection, drawing and writing. Even I know nobody support my hobby but I love it. I love what I do and I always try as the best as I can do. SO, my friends when you feel disappointed about life, reality of life, don’t give up and try to make you happy although in small things you can make it.

Crafting, many ideas on mind to get money because my business so slow and also the crazy things wanna try to go to Malaysia because one of my mum friend offer me job in Malay as .... or work in hotel. I don’t know yet, because my business walk so slow down and it sometimes make me crazy. I know everybody need money, some people said money can buy happiness but some people said money can’t buy happiness. How about you? What do you think about the money?

Emmm, I have many ideas now and sometimes I just don’t have time and someone who support me to make the crazy idea become real hahahaha. If papa still alive, I know papa always support me and give me good advice or just listening and understanding me. Mum, never can do if it crazy ideas. She always thing about one step and I always thing about ten steps and the risk will be see later. I just wanna do like that but mum always think about something it still not happened yet and also to much risk on the plan.

Cancer and virgo never can be one mindset hahahaha. Okey, so that is why to make me getting normal, I should doodle and I make some doodles which I just learn yesterday. I am not talented but I just love make it and if someday I am getting good on doodles. I really want to make something little and cute business, design shoes by doodles in the shoes like my friend ever do. I wanna meet him and learn about it with my senior in my ex company I did work as journalism.

So my friend what is activity will make you be “normal” when you have a hundred ideas in your mind and make you think one focus to do hahaha.

See yea

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