Dear diary, July is really surprise month and I got shock either because the surprise is not always the good way but also the bad way hehehe. I know since July come I seldom update blog because I am so busy with my mind and I can’t shared in here either. Actually, I feel so weakness in this month. Finally, I find my spirit back and I just wanna focus about my dream, my desire and my life. Although I should start from the begging. No problem! I will survive and I have many ideas in my mind.

After being sleeping beauty for a few weeks and now I am BACK. BACK to catch what should I get since months ago. My desire to be a good life to make my dream come true. In this post I also want to tell you, all my data for example PIN BBM, Phone Books, etc GONE Because my old blackberry phone broken and then it need format in the service phone but they won’t backup data. So everything GONE. Of course I feel so damn sad, including in this old phone can’t use Whatsapp application again because the style already old. I really SAD but no problem. I still have smartphone but it also not the new one. This phone I got from papa who already dead now and it will be the last gift from papa. I will care and beware when used it.

Dear diary, I got confused why my blackberry phone can’t invite my friends pin again. It just work for some phones and in my blackberry messenger just has 2 friends only who success accept my request. I dunno what happened after get service everything CHANGE. I guess, it sign to me to change my mindset too hahahahaha. Because, I do waste my time for something mess and make me embarrassed in hole my life now.

I know sometimes I am so innocent and try to build dream on a dream hahaha. But in a few weeks I realize it will not work because the person also won’t try hard to make it real. And I do waste my time and now I start from begging. Like my phone it is not work well now. I wish it will and I can make good communication again ASAP.

July is really surprise me with broken phone and also nice simple and cute gift from one of my friend as birth day gift. I got it a few days ago and I am so excited and happy. Because it is the first gift I got after a long time none give me something special hahahaha. Poor me right, but that is real life. We just hope but sometimes, it is not like what we expected to get in alive.

Dear diary, I hope my readers also will get cute surprise also in this month. Because, this month really special to me. My age got one number and it is mean I am older now. KEEP SPIRIT, my target to half this year is about a few reality hope.

Finish my children book because this novel still on progress, make new  home on website with self domain, I don’t know when it will be real hahahaha. I also will back to joint contest blog as local writer hahaha. Maybe somehow and somewhat I am lucky again like before. I just never give up to make it real this time. Including finish my short stories for the collection short story for kids from Citra Pandiangan. KEEP SPIRIT on SURPRISE JULY Still has some weeks to get surprise again in this month.



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