Today I just finish a few job as well as I guess, then I try to spend little time to browsing then I found something interest me so badly. It simple conversation but it getting interest because the way he wrote it, including simple drawing with catch words to make me laugh. That is so fantastic and I love to visit and visit offer.  That is making me to keep find my way to get my own style one day. Because unique and different but catch in reality life. That is the best and TOP for the man who has 4 pretty girls which make cute tweeps about the simple words as innocent the children and also the draw in him website.

Yea, that is good enough for me to keep laugh while trying to keep writing for a few job reviews and also writing for some my future project soon. I am not professional blogger but I just love to keep writing and that is some part of my life. Writing make me feel freedom and fun. Although sometimes I got pressure about it either. If when deadline almost over and I am still not sent the project as soon as possible lol. But, what is the most amazing life, do what you love to do and get survive. Although the benefit in financial is not big enough but at least still can survive.

What are you doing? Make sense of nothing or do nothing for small money but get happy for that. Do what you wanna to do and find what you searching it. Because time is so fast and don’t be sorry when you pass out without get any plans and make your dream be real. Because you can’t blame anybody, you just can blame yourself because you are afraid to make your dream come true.

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  1. Me time Mbak Citra, lagi pingin nuliss :)

  2. me time mank perlu tuh mbak.... semangat menulis eh selamat menulis gih hehe